Our Focus

A Photo Novelist
A Photograph (often shortened to Photo) is an image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface.

A Novelist is an innovator and/or one who creates/writes stories.

Choosing your photographer should be based on two criteria. One is how the photography “speaks” to you. Do you like the style? Can you feel the emotions? Can you imagine your photos in their work? The other is the connection you make with your photographer. You want to be confident that they are going to be there for you. They understand what you envision and its fun! Lets face it these are big moments in your life…Who does not want to laugh and smile while your photographer is “clicking” away?

We take pride in earning your trust and confidence while providing you with a style of photography that is on the cutting edge. At Sara Zarrella Photography we are Photo Novelists, telling a story in every picture. A Photo Novelist is a fusion of techniques practiced in photojournalism along with fashion photography to create a story of your customize imagery.

We would be honored to be such an important part of your life's story.