You Are Getting Hitched


Why should you consider your wedding day an investment rather than an expense?
Because 50 years from now you may not remember the food or invitations, 50 years from now the details you’re drowning in will be gone forever, 50 years from now only the memories will matter. Choose your photographer with 50 years in mind.

What is a Photo Novelist?
A photo novelist is a fusion of techniques practiced in photojournalism and fashion photography to create a story of your wedding day. Its a very refreshing, distinct, observant and unobtrusive form of wedding imagery.

How do we plan what images we want photographed?
We carefully create an exciting plan for your day, share fantastic ideas for stunning photographs and walk you through a fun and flexible schedule. We also will create a back up plan in case it rains (Oh the great pros and cons of New England weather). You will not have to worry about a thing. We are always open to each individual’s needs and recommendations. So never hesitate to describe or send clippings of images you love...as it is your day and we want to ensure that your imagery is perfectly captured to reflect your personal style.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept checks made out to Sara Zarrella Photography, LLC for all wedding investmet payments and we accept Visa and MasterCard for studio products and portraits. A non-refundable reservation fee is due upon signing your wedding contract and the balance will be due two weeks prior to your wedding date. Rhode Island state sales tax of 7% will apply to all sales.

What about payment and military personnel?
If you are in the military and need to change your wedding date due to deployment, you are the exception. We respect and support what our men and women are doing for our country and know that you may need to change your wedding date. You can use your non refundable reservation fee toward your changed wedding date (restrictions apply).

How many weddings do you photograph a year?
Depending on the size of the weddings we generally accept no more then 30 weddings a year as we devote a great deal of time and effort in building relationships with our couples. This is necessary to maintain the quality and reputation we are known for and take pride in.

What equipment do you use?
We work with the highest-grade, professional equipment for every unique wedding captured, both at the wedding and in our studio.

Wedding Photography Studio
- Two editing stations
- 30” & 20” calibrated monitors
- Professional Series software
- Archival storage 3TB Raid Drive and Fire Safe
Camera Equipment
- Canon Professional Digital SLR cameras:
- 3 Canon 5D’s
- 3 Canon EOS 5D Mark II with HD Capture
(30 high definition frames per second)
- Variety of Canon L glass professional lenses
- Canon 580 EX flashes
- Quantum Turbo battery packs
- Quantum Turbo Flash
- 4 1TB portable hard drive storage
- 2 pro laptops that travel to every event.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, we are fully insured.

What do you wear on my wedding day?
We will always wear professional attire.

How do you back up files?
We use multiple layers of protection that include three methods of backup. DVD’s are created and placed in a fire proof safe in an off-site location. External hard drives create additional backups at the end of every business day and, as the final measure of security, the images are uploaded to an on-line server. You can be assured your images are safe at all times.

Do you shoot any posed photos or portraiture?
Being Photo Novelists, we will take a creative edge and photograph your story how we see it. We also include some traditional formals unless otherwise specified. Some of the traditional aspects of family portraits and wedding party formals are wonderful as well as being another aspect of documenting your wedding story. The day will unfold naturally, and through experience and observation your imagery will be captured to reflect your personalities.

What are Photo Retouching & Enhancements?
They are one and the same, very important for your finished product! Most people do not realize that there is more to photography than turning on the camera and snapping the picture. A talented photographer is a true artist who will not only capture the emotional moments of your day, but will also have an arsenal of tools to use to enhance your images. Enhancements include artistic touches as well as improving skin tone, brightening teeth and removing blemishes as well as the photographer’s own unique style with black and white and fine art imagery.

How many photos are taken per event?
Just say we are trigger-happy!!! At a minimum, there will be over 800 images taken at your wedding.

Do you shoot in color and B&W?
We are a digital studio, therefore everything is originally in color. However, through our editing process, you will be able to view your images in color, black and white, along with sepia

Will photos be available online and when?
Yes! Please allow six to twelve weeks after your wedding.

Will I get a CD of my images?
Unlike many other studios, we provide you with digital negatives of your wedding images in high resolution format on a thumb-drive. If you have any of your images published anywhere, we graciously request you to notify us so we may keep an eye out for them!

Do you work with an a second photographer?
YES! Having two photographers on location the day of your wedding is a wonderful bonus, as it offers two perspectives on your day and complete coverage from many angles.

Are you available for travel?
We have traveled to both the East and West coast of the United States, as well as England and the Caribbean to photograph weddings. We love to travel!


How long does it take for a wedding album?
The Storybook Album design process itself takes approximately two to three weeks and we will not start designs until our “peak season” is over (after the holidays). To keep the process fair, we run our design service on a first come / first serve basis and have a continuous running queue of Storybook Album projects. Once you have approved your final design layout and options, it takes approximately four to six weeks to print your Storybook Album and ship.

Are there extra costs for the various options?
No, not at all. Your Storybook Album package price includes all features and options so that you will never be charged for extras. We hate “extras” and know you do, too.

How does the Storybook Album get designed?
Please don’t panic, you don’t have to design your Storybook Album! Album design is all on us! We do all custom design and layouts in house so no two couples have the same layout. All you have to do is select your favorite images that you would like to see in your Storybook Album and we design your Storybook based on your selections. The Storybook Album is a very simple process.

Still have more questions? We are here to help!
401.398.2922 or Sara@SaraZarrella.com